March 2021 has highlighted loud and clear that we cannot accept the status quo. Women are not protected, respected, or a priority. Our Government is averse to the exercising of fundamental freedoms. They despise protests.

As an oppressed group, women will be particularly vulnerable if the right to protest is further infringed. The right to protest allows for unfair laws, practices and actions to be challenged. As women fighting for change, this leaves us particularly vulnerable to being silenced. And the increase in the use of force that police will be allowed to use will further threaten our right to freedom of expression.

Our Government resents anyone who attempts to challenge them as they exploit the divisions in our society for their own political gains.
March 2021 is a wake up call if we’ve ever seen one. There is a lot of progress to be fought for regarding women’s rights. And human rights are under attack. We cannot forget the events of March 2021, we must continue to hold our institutions to account.

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