Sarah Everard, 33, was abducted whilst walking home alone at night in Clapham Common. On Wednesday 10th March, a Met Police Officer was arrested on suspicion of her disappearance. Sadly, human remains have been found.

This has sent shivers down the spines of The Egalitarian team and many others around the country. Sarah did everything that society told her to do, being a woman walking alone. She wore bright clothing, she had running shoes on, she took a longer, albeit safer, route home but this still wasn't enough. The feeling is all too familiar – our worst nightmare, in the back of our heads when walking home alone at night.

It is time to shift the burden of fault from women to men.
In Clapham, police told women not to go out at night this week. Women are not the problem. Women never have been the problem, and this culture of victim blaming must stop.

We’ve put together a few tips on how men can assist in helping women feel safe at night. It’s not all men, but it’s too many men. And other men must act to help – to stop women having to arrange their plans depending on when the sun goes down. Other men are just as culpable if they do nothing to change society’s perception of victim blaming.

The vigil, titled "Reclaim these streets", is due to take place at Clapham Common bandstand at 6pm on Saturday evening – due to the lockdown we will be there in spirit.

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