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Our mission statement

These days, everyone has an opinion. 

We do too – and we’re proud of it. It’s the main reason we started The Egalitarian. We’ve created a space to vocalise our opinions in a factual and informed manner – whilst not limiting ourselves to 280 characters. We aim to provide a big load of ‘wake-up content’ to help you analyse what is actually going on in the world and offer a different viewpoint on news stories or current affairs that you may already be aware of.

We’re well and truly fed up of a lack of accessible journalism regarding modern-day gender inequality, so most of our writing will be tackling issues related to this. The Egalitarian aims to produce reliable, enlightening content that tackles the unfair system we are still experiencing in the 21st century. We believe that feminist debate is hindered and we want to give it a platform, in a fresh and vibrant way. Most gender disparity goes unnoticed, or is not taken seriously enough. We want to raise awareness of the overt and covert problems with gender inequality, which can then trigger discussion, debate and education on and off our site.

That’s our USP. It shouldn’t be a USP, but it is.

The Egalitarian is UK-based but is not limited to UK news. We talk about global issues, and we’re passionate about collaborating with contributors from every walk of life. We are not journalists, nor do we aspire to be. We’re just alright at writing – and want to express our opinions and inspire a debate.

Welcome to The Egalitarian.

How we use pronouns

Articles in The Egalitarian aim to discuss gender inequalities. Although we may use male and female pronouns, we understand that trans women and men, transgender and non-binary people are victims of sexism, misogyny and other issues raised on our website. We also accept and acknowledge that many people do not identify with a gender and we do not wish for anyone to feel disconnected or unrepresented in our articles. Please accept that for the purpose of writing to our readers, for ease, the articles you see on this website may use the pronouns male and female. However we do not wish to cause offence to anyone taking their time to read our content.

Della, Co-founder

Law graduate studying Global Development and International Political Economy MA. Challenging stereotypes on the daily, founder and Head Coach of Northern Titans Men’s Netball Club and hardly ever wears makeup. Been wearing her nipples as an accessory before it was even cool. Lover of sport and football fanatic who was once told she speaks so passionately about Leeds United her speech compared to Martin Luther King. Waved an EU flag in a hard Brexiteers’ face whilst pissed up on the train, and proud member of the Owen Jones fan club. Socialist, Socialist Feminist. Can shot neat gin like no one else. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” – Gloria Steinem

Elysia, Co-founder

Law graduate who would debate with a brick wall if it asked her to. Loves a protest, a sucker for anything sustainable and makes a banging salad dressing. The girliest tom-boy you’ve ever met, who is decent at tennis and has the best eyebrows you’ve ever seen. Feeding tadpoles in her local pond is her favourite pastime and an elite tier sun bather who isn’t bringing bras into post lockdown. Spoke at the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2018, speech is online but she doesn’t like showing people. Interviewed by The Independent whilst advocating for the People’s Vote, politics enthusiast who would do anything to meet Jeremy Corbyn. Socialist, Socialist Feminist. Can always be persuaded for a pint if there’s a good rooftop terrace. Lives by the words of Caroline Criado Perez: “for the women who persist: keep on being bloody difficult”.

Holly, Editor

A loud and foul mouthed, aggressively opinionated feminist, apparently. The feminist part is correct. Actually just a young woman who cares about choice, freedom and equality for all. And when you’re passionate about these things, you do have to make a bit of noise to be heard. Will always have a little fun with it along the way as well.

Joe, Creative

The guy who makes everything look good. A Leeds-based designer with a buzz for beer, Britpop and baggy clothes. When he finally decides on a typeface, his personal website will be accessible here.