the egalitarian exists to challenge systemic gender inequality and injustice.

our mission

our mission is what we do as a collective. it's what our organisation looks to achieve in everything we do.

We raise awareness of inequality through community journalism, conversations and training to encourage social change.

We empower people to express themselves and speak up for what they’re passionate about.

We celebrate progress.

We challenge the status quo of mainstream narratives and media.

We promote the feminist agenda to eradicate inequality.

We empower victims of gender based violence, including spiking, to feel like they are heard.

We collect data and insight from our community to tackle the data gap and make inequality more visible.

We change the narrative in the night time economy towards an inclusive, victim-focussed and empowering environment.

our vision

our vision is what we want the world to look like if we succeed in our mission. it keeps us motivated, passionate and determined to keep fighting inequality.

Equality for all.

Awareness of gender inequality to be widespread and mainstream.

A unified and intersectional feminist agenda.

brand values

our brand values are our principles that guide us through every action. from every article to every social post, we use these values to ensure we're always going in the right direction.

We use evidence, statistics and experiences to form arguments, opinions and our training.

We offer advice and guidance to promote individual accountability as well as training sessions that change the narrative around gender-based issues and inappropriate behaviour.

We provide a platform for those impacted by modern-day sexism and ensure their voices are heard in our initiatives.

Everything that we do relies on the opinions and experiences of our community. We use our datasets to guide our projects and ensure people are heard.

We shout about unspoken topics and question everything.

We are open, transparent and understandable. We are informal but informative.


law undergrad, international relations postgrad. decent at tennis and has the best eyebrows you’ve ever seen. an obsessive sun bather who left bras in 2019.

worked at the united nations human rights council in 2018, spoke to the floor about the war on drugs violating human rights across the globe - speech is online but she doesn’t like showing people. panellist for the university of york leaders competition 2022 and returning for 2023, appearances on numerous radio shows and itv calendar news. interviewed by the independent whilst advocating for the people’s vote, politics enthusiast. socialist feminist. can always be persuaded for a pint if there’s a good rooftop terrace. lives by the motto of 'back yourself'.


global development and international political economy ma graduate. challenges stereotypes on the daily. founder of northern titans men’s netball club providing inclusivity in a female-dominated sport.

will do anything to avoid wearing make-up and is the second best footballer in west yorkshire after kalvin phillips. been wearing her nipples as an accessory before it was even cool. lover of sport and football fanatic who was once told she speaks so passionately about leeds united her speech compared to martin luther king. waved an eu flag in a hard brexiteers’ face whilst pissed up on the train, and proud member of the owen jones fan club. socialist feminist. ambassador for women's lives leeds currently working for a charity providing women with a pathway for support. can shot neat gin like no one else and will then use it to justify questionable behaviour.


actually just a young woman who cares about choice, freedom and equality for all. and when you’re passionate about these things, you do have to make a bit of noise to be heard. will always have a little fun with it along the way as well.


an authentic northern girl currently working in and having completed an apprenticeship in the legal sector. bit of a gym rat who isn’t afraid to deadlift more than her own bodyweight.

particularly interested in psychology, law and the criminal justice system. dreams about travelling as much of the world as possible, and taking opportunities whenever she can. sick of the patriarchy. passionate about mental health, animals and achieving equality for all.


a girl who is here for all things equality, and no bad vibes.

did a degree in philosophy which was basically studying how to debate, along with philosophy of race and gender. will happily shut down any bs, and enjoy doing so. absolutely hates mansplaining and assumptions based on gender roles. probably spends too much time on tik tok.


a politics student, passionate about equality, fighting social injustice and currently her uni’s elected women’s officer.

enjoys beating old men at tennis and squash and has done since 2012. daydreams about paddleboarding around europe and can often be heard asking if you’re thriving, vibing or surviving.


23 year old londoner who graduated from the university of reading in english literature in 2021.

currently taking the publishing world by storm and hopes to work in feminist and contemporary fiction one day. when she’s not working or reading she’s being a dog mum to her little puppy, porridge, or she’s challenging the men in her life on gender and their preconceptions of it.


northern creative passionate about music, events and feminism.

been gigging since 13 and knows there's always room for more diverse lineups. constantly questioning. can be a bit gobby and loves chip spice.

Creative designer

an architect working in the residential sector in london but when she’s not designing buildings you’ll find her playing football, doing pilates or challenging myths around violence against women and championing equality for all!

she wants to empower women with information and dispel incorrect myths around sexual violence and harassment - using knowledge as power! after being spiked herself last year she decided that in 2023 she would be fearless, would stand up for injustices and wouldn’t hold back or be silenced anymore. loves anything that dave grohl turns his hand to, a good long walk and really needs to reduce her weekly cheese intake. big fan of a spicy marg and cheesy bacon beans - but not at the same time.


philosophy graduate, sits on the right side of politics advocating for equality and inclusivity for all.

loves cooking but definitely doesn't belong in the kitchen, enjoys literature and would much rather have her head in a book than listen to one more person say 'not all men...'


a graphic design student who enjoys making very niche spotify playlists.

even though she loves design, comic sans is one of her favourite fonts and it’s actually over-hated. passionate about intersectional feminism and angry that only 11% of creative directors are female.

creative designer

small northern illustrator & animator in ridiculously big shoes. led a small revolution at 9 years old against the yorkie bar’s ‘not for girls’ campaign. extremely passionate about primary colours, tequila lime sodas, and making sure everyone can have the safe night out & boogie they deserve !


a social and political sciences student passionate about reaching justice for all.

wants to make big changes to women’s rights both in the uk and internationally. enjoys dance and yoga. enthusiastic about empowerment and challenging the status quo.


a politics and international relations student interested in spreading the truth and promoting transparency.

an aspiring journalist with a passion for social justice and fighting gender inequality around the world. loves surfing and cliff jumping. enthusiastically challenging toxic masculinity.

privacy policy
we ask for your full name and email address prior to commenting on our articles. this is so that when people comment, some accountability is there for what they write. we feel that this creates a safe environment in the comments where people cannot comment with impunity of what they are saying, and will encourage respectful and interesting debate without harm.

we ask for your full name and email address prior to submitting a Spike Report in order for us to verify and moderate the information on this database and potentially contact you in the future for further information about your experience. in order to comply with legal obligations and uphold the principles of fairness and accuracy we offer the right to reply to all venues subject to a Spike Report. respondents will be given enough information and detail about the allegations if we are contacted and we look to work with venues to improve safety on nights out. you will always remain anonymous in our conversations.

the way we hold and store your data is fully compliant with the GDPR rules as of 2018. we store this information on an internal database which is protected and not accessible to anyone outside of those running The Egalitarian. we only store your data for the purposes stated and for as long as required.

if you wish to be removed from our private database, including mailing lists and Spike Report database, or have any other questions, please send an email to and we will deal with the request. we do not sell your data and we do not share your data unless compelled by law.