Alice Wilson

Upon discovering that Alice's mum was pregnant with Alice, her dad reportedly begged her to get an abortion. This is now Alice's mum's favourite story to tell at Christmas. Alice grew up into the sort of person who looks fun but is actually always in bed by 10pm. She released an ill-fated blues album in 2020, draws a bit, and is doing a PhD on women who build tiny houses. In her spare time she runs a social enterprise construction company in York with her business partner Rebecca. Her current lifetime goal is to eat one of those bacon sandwiches in a tin that Heston Blumenthall made for the astronauts.

Women Are Better Investors Than Men

Women are better investors than men.  This feels controversial and inflammatory to write though it should not. That women have, on aggregate, more profitable investment strategies than men is an evidence backed statement based on empirical evidence. It does not feel controversial, for example, to state that petrol cars work more effectively when you put …

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