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R-Bar and Club Revenge

We certified R-Bar and Club Revenge, Brighton’s number one LGBTQ+ venues as part of our Safe Place Project for bars and clubs. We delivered our training session on being an effective ally against forms of inappropriate behaviour in the night time economy, focussing on spiking, hate incidents and hate crimes. 

As both R-Bar and Club Revenge are a big part of the LGBTQ+ community, we worked with the management team to tailor our session to cover incidents that their staff are more likely to experience at work. We freshened up staff knowledge around being able to identify sexual violence, spiking, hate crimes and hate incidents as well as domestic abuse in the night time economy and then provided staff with the methods and tools to prevent and respond to these incidents. Specifically, we looked at how these incidents of harm take place within the LGBTQ+ community to ensure our certification is relevant to the client. 

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Andy, Venue Manager
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