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Reading Students' Union Workshops

We headed back to our favourite, the University of Reading to deliver multiple training workshops for the newly elected social secretaries of the Reading Students’ Unions student societies. The aim of the session was to give students the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and well-being of other students during their social events. 

The first part of the workshop focused on recognising incidents of harm within the student community. We covered the various forms of harm, with particular emphasis on sexual violence and spiking. We looked at how sexual violence and spiking takes form in the student community specifically looking at the dangers of drink spiking, especially during pre-drinks and house parties, where students are particularly vulnerable. It became clear that many people were not aware that adding more alcohol to someone else’s drink than what they consented to is considered spiking. It was good to see students reflecting on their previous experiences as freshers and how they are going to change the culture in their societies for the benefit of future students.

To create safer social events, we gave students techniques on how to plan and manage social events effectively. The focus was on routine measures to ensure an inclusive culture prior to the event and how to have a proactive position against harm whilst the event is taking place.

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