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University of Suffolk Students' Union

We had the pleasure of working with the University of Suffolk's Students' Union, delivering a taster session of the Safe Place Project focusing on victim support and first response procedures in advance of Refreshers Week

We emphasised the importance of being able to to identify vulnerable people in the night time economy as well as being able to acknowledge suspicious behaviours from perpetrators. Staff from the University of Suffolk's Students’ Union will be attending the University of Suffolk's Refreshers events at venues, welcoming students back for their second term. We held an online session where we explained how to respond correctly to a disclosure of sexual violence, spiking or other inappropriate behaviour and ensuring victims have the support they need at the time of the incident as well as afterwards. We provided the University of Suffolk with our victim support leaflets to use at these events which will give staff the tools to help victims and give victims themselves the details of important signposting agencies.

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Andy, Venue Manager
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