West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Wakefield Safe Place Project

We received funding from the Mayor of West Yorkshire to deliver our Safe Place Project workshops to night time economy actors in the city centre of Wakefield.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority was granting funding for initiatives which align with the Police and Crime Plan priority and Safer Places and Thriving Communities, supporting policing, crime and community safety. We received funding to deliver six sessions covering sexual violence, spiking, hate crimes and domestic violence.

Collaboration with the Night Time Economy

Once the funding was awarded, our specialist sub-team for Wakefield opened up a line of contact with venues in Wakefield. As well as notifying about the sessions on offer, our team had calls with management to ascertain their unique issues and challenges in order to create bespoke workshops for Wakefield city centre staff.

We used our knowledge of Wakefield to create a bespoke marketing campaign so that all clients have aligned messaging within venues that is consistent and impactful.

‘It was insightful to hear different experiences and different encounters for us all to be aware of and to discuss what we all believed to be the right course of action together as a group, but to also understand that every situation is different and that has to be handled carefully.’ - Brick and Liquor, Bar Manager
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We delivered our sessions in-person, so that we could work collaboratively and share good practice and knowledge between venues in the city.

We partake in group activities, giving bar staff the opportunity to practice the tools and techniques we provided them with to identify, prevent and respond to incidents of harm they may encounter whilst on shift.  

We encourage bar staff to apply the knowledge and tools they’ve learnt to real-life scenarios from our community and look at how we can apply our EDIE model to create a Safe Place in our venue and the EGAL model of intervention.

Majority of the sessions have been delivered to staff in night time economy venues, such as glass collectors, bar staff, assistant managers and general managers. One of the sessions was delivered to Wakefield Theatre Royal. We ran a workshop with staff that included their bar staff, management and auditorium stewards.

All of our clients received training packs that include factsheets, signage, badges and beer mats. All venues that have received our training also received a certificate confirming that they have received the relevant training and support as part of the Safe Place Project.

Venues we trained:-

  • Brick and Liquor
  • Counting House
  • Grill Pit
  • Supper Club
  • Rooftops
  • Cosa Nostra Lounge
  • Wakefield Theatre Royal
  • Popworld
  • Blind Pig
  • Reflex
  • Now Serving
  • RBT Video
  • Qubana
  • Hogarths
‘We found the session useful in learning how to identify harmful behaviours. As a man it’s not something that I've directly experienced much so it’s useful and humbling to hear from a woman’s perspective.’ - Wakefield Theatre Royal, Manager
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