SafeZone Student Union Conference


The SafeZone Student Union conference is back this August at the University of Salford Students Union! 

Critical Arc launched the SafeZone SU conference back in 2022 and following the success of the first conference have brought it back for 2023. 

SafeZone is an app dedicated to creating safe spaces across the country. The app helps campus security be alerted to any incidents involving students, allowing them to get the students the best help possible. It also allows you access to mental health and well-being services that are right for you. 

The Egalitarian have partnered with SafeZone to deliver a series of workshops and panel discussions in line with our Safe Place Project . As a social enterprise dedicated to making the night time economy a safer place, what better audience to reach than Student’s Unions across the UK. 

Our Effective Allyship workshop focuses on how to be an effective ally in the night time economy and how you can use this within SUs. 

Our Anti Spiking panel will focus on our response to the increase in spiking over the years and how to make venues safer for students. 

Our work is community led and we welcome questions from the audience as we look to dive into how to protect students, keep them safe and ensure everyone has fun while having a boogie! 

If you’re part of the education sector and would like us to work with your staff and/or students on creating a Safe Place, get in touch. Find out more about the work we do with the education sector here.

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