safety certification and training for the night time economy.

keep your customers safe and help your business thrive with the egalitarian safe place project.

we're a community-led enterprise offering training and certification for night-time businesses that take safety seriously.

we're passionate about making nights out as safe as possible, working with venues to ensure the night-out community is protected, specifically. being experienced both as previous employees and current customers in the night-time economy, we are all too aware of issues of harassment, assault, violence, discrimination and victim blaming within the industry and of the ways to tackle it.

in October 2021 we created the first publicly viewable spiking incident database, Spike Report, in light of the development of spiking by injection. we have exclusive insight into the prevalence of spiking.

what we do

we offer data-driven training and certification for the night time economy, keeping people safe and helping businesses to thrive.

data driven
our certification scheme is designed using community-led insight from customers in the night time economy.

we provide holistic safety certification which we'll customise to suit your unique needs. each certification provides a comprehensive system to; combat spiking and improve women’s safety, reduce vulnerability, and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

relevant content
receiving our certification demonstrates that you have a service compliant with safety procedures in line with current police and local authority guidance regarding safety in the night time economy.

our offering

we offer tailored training that's unique to your business needs.

we offer tiered levels of service that we can adapt to your requirements. during our consultation we'll ask about your venue size, revenue, employee numbers and the quantity of training you want staff to receive to help us build the most suitable training package for your business.


virtual training sessions for staff

consultation with management discussing overall improvement of culture and priorities of the venue regarding safety

discounted purchases from our anti-spiking product suppliers


virtual training sessions for staff

detailed advice for policy writing and procedural improvements based on the unique needs of your business, your staff and your customers

higher discount from our anti-spiking product suppliers


training to be carried out in-person, (if desired)

assistance at the highest level in creating bespoke policy and procedural documents using the egalitarian's unique templates and resources

highest discount from our anti-spiking product suppliers

audits and follow ups

every 6 months we provide a return consultation to review and assess the success of the arrangements implemented, offer further advice on modifying your approach in light of experience and refreshed policy and procedural advice.

if we receive an report of spiking at your venue after you have received our services, we will return free of charge to investigate and recommend improvements.

our process

we'll work alongside you to ensure our certification works for your business.
1. get in touch

fill out the form below and we'll organise an initial call to discuss your requirements and how we can help. we'll also explore your venue’s particular features, size, the policies needed and the training you would like your staff to receive.

2. consultation and agreement

as we learn more about your venue and your specific needs, we'll recommend training, policies and procedures before building and agreeing a bespoke package for your business.

3. training

we'll then deliver the agreed package at a time and place that suits you. this could be online, on-site, across a few days or in a matter of hours. if you've chosen the gold training package, this is when we'll hand over bespoke policy documentation and signage for use in your venue.

4. ongoing support

we'll keep in touch to ensure we've done everything we can to help create a safe environment. we'll perform audits every 6 months and we'll be available for top-up training and extra support if needed.

why are we doing this?

96% of our community want to see safety taken more seriously in the night time economy
93% of our community do not think that venues in the night time economy do enough to keep them safe
98% of our community have felt unsafe on a night out
75% of our community think that bar staff have a responsibility to make venues safer
53% of our community have been vulnerable on a night out and venue and security staff have not taken them seriously
95% of our community think that venue staff are not trained enough in vulnerability and safeguarding

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