I hate the sound of my own voice but I love the stuff it comes out with. The most important subjects to me: literature, history, art, comedy, philosophy, politics. In that order. I studied History and English at the University of Leicester under Dr Nigel Aston, with my dissertation on Enlightenment political philosophy — specifically the work of Montesquieu. Politically I’d describe myself as a “cautious progressive”, and no that doesn’t translate as “centrist”. And although I’m mostly cautious, I have a revolutionary streak in me as well. My ambition is to become extremely successful and rich so in interviews I can be called a champagne socialist (of the Moët variety). Or, eventually I’ll go against everything I once believed in with age until I’m a grumpy old man tired of politics and all these youngsters thinking they know best. But who cares, we’ll all be in a simulation by then anyway. Failing either of those and if I have to do something else, anything else, I must get invited onto Desert Island Discs somehow.