Director of Mindful Minute LTD . We help anyone who would like to work on all aspects of their mental health. Although we are not a charity, we offer our services gratuitously to those who need help but may not have the means. My passion is helping others to live the life they truly deserve. Mental health is as important as physical health. I teach my daughter to live her life in this way so that she will grow up to have these very important tools at her disposal. We work in a virtual capacity these days due to the pandemic. Pre pandemic you would find my daughter and I travelling the world meeting new people and expanding our minds to all the wonderful cultures. Every day is a chance to discover more about who we are inside, who the people in our community are and what we can learn from each other. I am passionate about #IStandAgainstViolence because I have seen the affects it can have on women’s minds and their life. I would like to know my daughter will grow in a world where we all care about protecting each other.