Our Parliamentary Submission on the Incidence of Spiking

The Home Affairs Committee is currently holding an inquiry into violence against women and girls and how this is being addressed in the UK. The Committee called out for written evidence regarding the issue of spiking across the UK as part of their investigation into the prevalence of the dangers that women face in our society.

We used the data we hold from Spike Report (link) and our questionnaire submissions (link) to present our Written Evidence to the Committee, highlighting the extent of the issue of spiking and the failures of actors within the night time economy as well as the Government in tackling the issue.

We raised problems of disempowerment, victim blaming, rape culture, justice, police investigations, venue responses and other systemic causes that allow the consistent subordination, marginalisation, coercion, exploitation, rape and murder of women across the UK.

This was read and published by the Committee on 26 January 2022. They are currently reviewing the evidence and are set to report on the issue in the next few months.

Click here to check out the published submission.

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