Our Must Read Feminist Books for March


our chief of chatting, Alex Burrows has collated her favourite must read feminist books for the month of march. from essays and classic feminist theory to fiction and love stories, this short collection of feminist books are must reads !

A Room of One’s Own explores Woolf’s reflections on women within writing. Through several anecdotes Woolf realises women have been largely erased from writing and education and suggests if a women wants to write she must find a room of her own. an exploration of gender and class published in 1929.

The Second Sex is often hailed as a feminist breakthrough. De Beauvoir dissects and looks at the recorded history of women (or lack of) and their disadvantaged position. Her two volumes “fact and myths” and “lived experiences” examine gender and the continuous sexism women face. 

Beloved by Toni Morrison is a heartbreaking recount of a mothers love for her child. Set over the course of several years it follows a woman’s journey from slavery to freedom and the sacrifices she must make to keep her family safe. a truly heartbreaking and complex analysis of gender and race and most importantly, motherly love. 

Of Women and Salt expands multiple generations of Latina women. Garcia dissects race and gender in modern America while tracing it all the way back to revolutionary Cuba. One thing that continually moves all generations of women in the novel is: “we are force. we are more than we think we are”.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a detailed account of the hyper-sexualisation of Evelyn throughout her life and the devastating effects of it. while being a love story it effectively demonstrates female power in a world of men and a blossoming queer relationship.

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