We launched our own beer - The Egalitarian Has Landed !

WE DID IT ! We launched our own beer - The Egalitarian Has Landed !

If you follow us on any of our socials this might not be news to you because we have been shouting from the rooftops about this, but a couple of weeks ago we officially launched our beer, ‘The Egalitarian Has Landed’ in collaboration with The Head of Steam and Brew York. Over three nights we had our launch parties in the Head of Steam venues in Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham, and the support on all three of these nights was unreal ! We’re so proud of having something to show for all the teams’ effort over the last few years in growing the Safe Place Project and raising awareness for safety in the night time economy. It was an absolute dream to work with The Head of Steam and Brew York on this collaboration and we would like to thank them again for the opportunity. If you’d have said to us in October 2020 when we set up The Egalitarian that in the next three years we would have our own beer we wouldn’t have believed you, so the fact this is now currently being sold in over 25 venues across the country (including our client and certified Safe Place, The Fenton in Leeds) is definitely a pinch me moment.

Near the end of 2022 we provided training to 25 Head of Steam venues through our Safe Place Project, giving guidance on how to identify, prevent and respond to incidents of sexual harassment, assault and violence and other forms of inappropriate behaviour including how to be an effective ally to customers, colleagues and friends. The Head of Steam wanted to help raise awareness of our Project and celebrate our work raising awareness of important but normalised inappropriate behaviours in the night time economy, so asked to brew a beer with us! Next thing you know we’re in Brew York’s brewery shovelling wheat and choosing the flavour for our own bev - which was a hint of grapefruit, obviously!

As fun as it is having our own beer, the only reason this has been a possibility is because venue staff, management and our community agree with our goal of making the night time economy safer and more inclusive for all. Spiking, sexual offences, hate incidents and other forms of inappropriate behaviour are incredibly normal in the night time economy. Being able to train venues, festivals, events companies and students’ unions on how to protect and empower customers and staff in a way that is victim-focussed and community-led is the core goal of the Safe Place Project and we will not stop until we’ve seen real societal change. If our posters, beer mats and badges (alongside other Safe Place Project merch!) aren’t enough to show that a venue is a safe and empowering environment, then serving The Egalitarian has Landed certainly does!

The support we received over the three launch parties was overwhelming (in the best way), and we can’t thank everyone enough who came (including some of the guys and gals from The BBC's The Traitors!). It really means the world to the whole team. From everyone who watched our insta stories to everyone who’s been buying the pints in, we massively appreciate it all. Next time you’re in a Head of Steam venue keep an eye out and give ‘The Egalitarian Has Landed’ a try!

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